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Royal Blood - Typhoons - Single [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

With its combination of pneumatic riffs and bracing beats, Royal Blood’s latest track “Typhoons” cuts a serpentine groove into the ground between hard rock and dance music. It’s a place that the Sussex duo have nicknamed “AC Disco”—and they initially pitched up there on previous single “Trouble’s Coming”. For the pair, writing that track was a revelatory moment in creating their third album, Typhoons. “It opened up this whole new way of playing for us,” bassist/singer Mike Kerr tells Apple Music. “This kind of tempo and feel was a fresh approach to what we’ve done before. It was so important to us that we made something that felt brand new. And it was so exciting. Once we had the recipe and the direction, there was nothing in our way. It was just incredibly exciting to make. No one was sat down!” While crafting that new sound, Royal Blood received a little assistance from Jack White in the shape of a gift-wrapped guitar pedal. “It was a Christmas present from Third Man Records,” says Kerr. “It was a pedal I was using already but a signature version. It’s sick. For me, a pedal can be as inspiring as a new guitar or a new instrument because you don’t how it’s going to behave. It’s on [the album] quite a lot.” Listen to “Typhoons” and “Trouble’s Coming” now, then pre-add the album—once it’s released on 30 April, it will be available in your library immediately.

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